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Whether you are looking to build relationships, network with like-minded women, seek partnerships or mentorships, get access to capital, land press placements, boost brand visibility, or just about anything else!

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It’s no big secret that running a business is, well, hard.

But running a business as a woman (and a parent, partner, caregiver, or anything else)? Even more so.

From marketing to managing employees…

From managing your finances to raising capital…

From serving (and sourcing!) clients or customers to staying organized…

There’s a lot that goes into running your own business.

But though so many of us women feel like we have to tackle it all on our own, here’s the truth:

You don't need to do it alone.

What you need is a supportive, engaged community that “gets” it. The opportunity to connect with potential collaborators, referrers, and partners. And access to resources and expert training from the founders who have “done” it before.

Plus a single, go-to place to find it all.

And that’s where The Entreprenista League comes in.

Running a

business is hard

Starting and growing a business as a woman can be an extremely challenging undertaking, even for the most motivated business leaders out there.

You’ve probably attended countless networking events that didn’t provide the connections you need for growth. Or, you’ve joined communities in the past that led to empty promises.

But you’re still trying to find the right support network to heighten your impact and nurture your long-lasting success...

That motivation and passion – that spark – is what drives the women-led entrepreneurial community. And it’s exactly what brought you here today.

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From community to press exposure to collaboration opportunities and more, The Entreprenista League has you covered with all you need to grow – no matter your stage of business

All that to say: The Entreprenista League truly has you covered. No matter your stage in business.

So whether you’re looking to launch, to grow, or to scale…

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You don't need to

do this alone

As women in business, our days are filled with challenges. From developing and implementing a solid marketing strategy to gaining the financial backing your business needs (not to mention the domestic burdens that often fall on women), it’s common for women to feel overwhelmed and alone on their journey.

What you need are support and resources. What you need is a community.




Less than 2% of female founders hit $1M in revenue.

Nearly 5% of current Entreprenista League members presently generate over $1M in revenue.

Less than 18% of female founders ever hit six figures.

1 in 4 Entreprenista League members make 6 figures.

The failure rate of startups is around 90%.

More than 45% of Entreprenista League members have employees (25% of those have more than 5 employees.)

20% of new companies close during the first two years, and 45% close during the first five without a support system.

Entreprenista League members build the foundation of an advisory panel via access to experts in fields such as law, marketing, fundraising, scaling, and more.

Women receive only 2% of VC investment money. VCs tend to fund businesses they feel connected to but 90% of investors are male.

The Entreprenista League provides tangible, actionable resources to help women pitch with confidence and success, such as a dedicated Power Group for Raising Capital.

Only 20% of newly funded companies have a female founder.

Through our community, we have helped members raise more than $2M in VC funds.

“It’s an all-in-one resource for all things entrepreneurship,” and hear what else our members have to say

Join the waitlist to get first access to The Entreprenista League

when we open for new members in the summer

For founders who are ready to make meaningful connections that lead to real business growth and success

Hi! In case we haven’t met before, we’re Stephanie and Courtney, the Co-Founders of Entreprenista.

We learned early on that the key to success is the community you build around your business. We created The Entreprenista League to provide you with what we wished we had when we were starting our first company. And as the years went by, we realized that a community like ours is critical at every stage of business, and now, we’re making it simpler and easier than ever for you to take advantage of all that we have to offer, for life!

As your business grows, we want you to have the peace of mind that The Entreprenista League will be there for you every step of the way. We are continuing to evolve our offerings to always serve you, no matter where you are in your founder journey.

The Entreprenista League Lifetime Access Membership will provide you with the life-long support, tools, and resources you need to achieve your business goals, without thinking about recurring fees each year.

Both of us prioritize direct, authentic connection with our fellow members of The Entreprenista League community. So when you become a member…then yes – you’ll actually see us around!

For one, we’re regularly checking in on the community platform helping make introductions answering questions.

Plus, we each host at least one live founder Office Hour session each month, where you’ll be able to pop in and ask us, well, just about anything you’ve been dying to know or want feedback on.

(In other words, when we say we “can’t wait to meet you!”...we actually mean it!)

Every single day we are seeing (and celebrating!) the incredible wins resulting from the meaningful relationships being formed inside the community. We are absolutely thrilled to now offer a way to ensure you always have the ability to connect with like-minded founders and generate lasting impact for your business for years to come! You’re not just a founder, you’re an Entreprenista.

Stephanie Cartin and Courtney Spritzer

Co-Founders of Entreprenista


Membership Perks

your business

will be featured

Increase your brand visibility and awareness with a feature on Entreprenista's website and social media channels. You’ll also receive an Entreprenista League crest to add to your website and social pages to instantly boost your credibility.

Through introductions in The Entreprenista League, members have been featured in:

"Joining The Entreprenista League has not only provided me access to the resources and community that has helped me grow my business and significantly increase my revenue, but it has also provided me the opportunity to be featured across a variety of media outlets from Good Morning America to a billboard in Times Square and several podcasts. This community has been game-changing for my business."

Carlyn Bushman

Founder, Carlyn Bushman Consulting

access to our

network of experts

Join our live expert-led sessions or explore our growing library of past sessions to discover what’s working in business today. Sessions cover everything you need to know, including pitching, social media marketing, Web3 and the Metaverse, understanding tax credits, and more.

Plus, Entreprenista Co-founders Stephanie Cartin and Courtney Spitzer hold monthly office hours so you can learn how to work faster and more naturally in an environment that celebrates collaboration and education. Learn from the women who have been in the very stage you are now.

Past speakers have included Michelle Cordeiro Grant, founder of Lively, Erin Patinkin, founder of Ovenly and Seemore Meats & Veggies, Alexandra Wilkis Wilson, founder of Gilt Group and Glamsquad, and Divya Gugnani, founder of Wander Beauty and 5SENS.

"Courtney has been coaching me for the past year and has helped me grow and scale my agency business. It has been so helpful to not only have a sounding board but being able to learn from her mistakes so I do not make the same ones has saved me lots of time and money. I have also landed many new clients from the business Courtney has referred to me. As a solo founder, it was amazing to have someone to help me solve the day-to-day challenges that come with running an agency business."

Katie Love

Founder of Love Social Media


The Entreprenista League has helped its members raise over $2 million in investor funds through introductions to investors and other business funding sources.

Members of The Entreprenista League spark meaningful partnerships that lead to finding a future mentor, coach, advisor, board member, or even co-founder!

"The Entreprenista League has been a game changer for my business. I've made lasting connections where I receive referrals on repeat, built partnerships that are taking my business to the next level, and have the opportunity to learn from other business owners. I recommend The Entreprenista League to any woman who is looking to make connections, grow their business, and learn in a judgement free zone."

Jess Milanes

Founder of Smart Podcast Solutions

discounts and perks

We’ve partnered with the top business tools and solutions to offer our community exclusive rates and free trials as part of your membership. You’ll enjoy thousands of dollars in discounts and free trials inside!

(These discounts are so valuable, you could earn back the cost of your membership a few times over!)

Get instant access to discounts from ADP, Jazz HR, Circle, Paysafe, and more!

  • Get instant access to discounts from ADP, Jazz HR, Circle, Paysafe, and more!

"I have made invaluable connections but also have the perks of access to amazing discounts and offers from fellow Entreprenistas. If you are a woman in business, run a business, or want to start a business, Stephanie and Courtney have built an incredible platform that is every bit an asset as you could imagine."

Sandra Jacquemin

Founder of starsoul

networking with

leading and rising


Inside The Entreprenista League, you'll be connected with a network of highly successful and motivated women entrepreneurs on different stages of the founder’s journey. You’ll also have access to industry groups in our community platform to connect with like-minded entrepreneurs for potential collaborations.

"Through The Entreprenista League I was introduced to a vendor that led to doubling my sales in my business. I have also had the opportunity to be featured in marketing campaigns that have helped to grow my business and work with partners I would not have had access to at my size without direct intros from Stephanie. I was even featured on the Startups in Stilettos podcast and a billboard in Times Square!"

Jill Apgar

Founder of Coco Beans

An inside look at

The Entreprenista League monthly event calendar

You’ll be invited to events that will help you hone your business skills and network with successful women leaders.

Got a busy schedule? Access our on-demand library of past sessions on your own time.

"As a longtime executive leadership coach to women entrepreneurs, I joined The Entreprenista League early on. I have been amazed to see the value The Entreprenista League offers to its members. I've participated in outstanding workshops for every type of business. Members have countless opportunities to voice their goals and needs and then lend support to each other's success. It far exceeds my experience as a member of any other organization. Thank you to founders, Stephanie and Courtney, for filling a great need for women entrepreneurs throughout the country.”

Leslie Grossman

Leadership Consultant, Executive Coach, Speaker and Facilitator

From community to press exposure to collaboration opportunities and more, The Entreprenista League has you covered with all you need to grow – no matter your stage of business

Looking to build meaningful relationships and surround yourself with a supportive, like-minded community?

Then we’ve got you covered with weekly networking events and a highly-engaged, 24/7 community platform (featuring more than 1,700 women in more than a dozen industries).

Looking for media exposure, press placements, or brand visibility?

Then we’ve got you covered with a guaranteed feature on, the chance to come on as a guest on the Startups in Stilettos podcast, and access to additional media opportunities via our community platform’s PR and visibility room.

(Through introductions in The Entreprenista League, our members have been featured in places like Good Morning America, Forbes,, and even a billboard in NYC’s Times Square!)

Looking for education and training on growing a business from the women who have “done” it before?

Then we’ve got you covered with our weekly founder expert learning events, monthly founder Office Hours, and the 200+ training videos in our member vault.

Then we’ve got you covered with thousands of dollars worth of discounts and free trials from the business tools we actually use to run our multi-million-dollar businesses.

(The discounts you will get access to are so valuable that you could earn back the cost of your membership a few times over!)

Looking for direct access to and connection opportunities with top women founders?

Then we’ve got you covered with our live monthly founder Office Hours – which are your opportunity to sit down directly with successful founders (including Stephanie & Courtney, the co-founders of Entreprenista) in a small-group setting and ask for their help or feedback on just about anything.

Looking for support in raising capital, finding partnerships, or hiring?

Then we’ve got you covered with our mentorship sessions, facilitated collaboration opportunities, and workshops on these topics from vetted subject matter experts.

Paving the way for women founders

One member at a time

When we first started our agency, Socialfly, we proactively joined every community we could find. We needed to get press, score new clients, scale our operations, and connect with successful founders. But we quickly realized there was no one community that offered everything women entrepreneurs need.

The Entreprenista League was born out of our passion for connecting others and helping women in business succeed.

Stephanie Cartin and Courtney Spritzer

Co-founders of Socialfly and Entreprenista

Imagine where your business could be in 12 months...

If you don’t join the

entreprenista league

  • You’ll continue struggling to connect with partners who can help bring visibility to your brand.

  • You’ll have nowhere to turn to ask questions about important decisions that can impact the future of your business.

  • Your growth may be stagnant and your goals are just a dream.

  • You may have confusion around what skills you need to master in order to capitalize on your own success.

As a member of The

Entreprenista League…

  • You could finally get connected to your dream PR partner.

  • You’ll have the meaningful connections and support to ask tough questions and make difficult decisions.

  • You could finally find the resources to get access to the funding you need to expand your business or grow your team.

  • You could expand your business knowledge and skillset to power your own growth.

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Build your reputation and gain business exposure with a feature on and social channels.

Learn industry secrets and get the answers you’ve been searching for to take your business to the next level.

Enjoy business-changing introductions to investors and other funding sources to help grow your business and future success.

Access to thousands of dollars in exclusive discounts and free trials to the top business tools and solutions.

Connect with a growing network of women entrepreneurs spanning over 20 industries ready for engaging conversation and collaborations you can collaborate with.

Get invited to over 10 key events each month that help you hone your skills and expand your network.

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